My husband and I and some of our friends were planning a weekend in NYC, I was going up a day early to attend a Supergirls NYC launch event and figured if I had a full day the next day to myself before anyone got there, I wanted to try out fitness classes where the options are endless in this city. I’ve come a long way from just wanted to drink and shop in the city I am visiting, to wanting to try out fitness classed and find healthy places to eat. Did I mention I had a king size bed to myself with no kids or husband for a night….yes that also made this time for “me” even sweeter!

I initially was drawn to this because it said hip hop, sweaty yoga. If you know me, you know hard core hip hop is my jam and I use to break out freestyle sessions back in the day as if it was a party favor to all in attendance. Now I just want to listen to this and rap along and get a beast mode style work out in at the same time. I also had heard of Y7 as the NYC area Supergirl leader was an instructor there and I had gotten some good recommendations from her. They really only have locations in NYC, a lot to choose from, but since they don’t have any in my area yet I thought I would try it. I strategically signed up for the SoHo location so I could try ModelFit right after which was a short walk away. I signed up for the new student 3 class special which gave me a mat and towel and I knew I would try this at least one more day when I was there(which I dragged my friends to and will talk about later). I ran to the class as I screwed up getting on the subway and made it just in time before they closed the doors. 

Ok, made it, dark room, special spots to line up your yoga mat and teacher starts her speaking. Music starts, not hard core hip hop yet, but still some of my fav jams coming on and I just started flowing with the teacher’s guidance. They talk through it, they are not on a mat in the front of the class showing you what to do, lucky for me I already knew the yoga poses, but this may be a challenge for anyone new to yoga. As we are flowing the teacher says now its your time to do your own pace with the flow we just went through. And this is when I fell in love with the class, Notorious B.I.G. started blaring through the speakers while the heat was turned up. I started smiling so hard I almost cried, I was in heaven. It didn’t matter how hot is was or that I was dripping sweat, I was dancing on the mat, well yoga flowin, to my favorite music, and since it was dark and loud you can sing and move without anyone caring what you are doing. The rest of the class was pretty similar to this flow, once we started slowing down towards the end of class I was able to stretch and crack areas that were in need of extra attention and being so hot I could do this easily. I walked out of this class with a huge smile, I felt detoxed, limber and I still got an incredible workout. It was full body and I wasn’t sore after. They definitely pack the classes in, (definitely sign up ahead of time as they fill up quickly) it was full and they are back to back in the morning so folks are coming in when you are leaving, small area for dressing, some locations have showers, some don’t. Didn’t matter to me, I just changed my shirt for the next class and toweled myself off.

I brought 3 of my friends with me to the Bryant Park location the next day, one of the girls had never done yoga, but I knew she could watch me and pick it up as we went and just sweat out our night before activities. My friend who was flowing next to me I had to check on to make sure she wasn’t going to pass out, nausea definitely hit us throughout the class, she tried to get out at some point apparently but couldn’t figure out how to open the door so just stayed. I was so glad we were all able to do this together and they still wanted to be my friend afterwards (even standing for a sweaty group pic after). They said the same thing about the music as we all have similar tastes and said that made the class. We are now detoxed and ready for the day ahead!

Needless to say, I am hooked on Y7 and want to see how I can help bring this to the DC/Baltimore area as it would be extremely popular.

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