This is what I got when I said, I want to try SUP Yoga. SUP stands for Stand up Paddle Board, so when you add yoga in there, yes you are doing yoga, on the water, on a paddle board. I guess this is why I got 3 no’s when I asked different friends to join me on our recent vacation to the Outer Banks, one even sent me an article of a recent mishap from someone trying this out.  I love a challenge and I love to get out there and try something new, especially when I’m traveling or on vacation. It’s so hard to rearrange my schedule with work and family when I’m at home, so this is truly my self-care and my time while on vacation. Get up and out the door before anyone is awake and do something for myself. Come home to an excited house and ready to take on the day with my family. So, back to SUP Yoga. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while now, I actually signed up last year at this same place, Village Yoga in Duck, NC, but it was cancelled due to the weather. Now I know why….. I’m fit, I’m strong, I’ve been doing yoga for several years. I thought to myself, I’m going to rock this like a pro. OMG, the balance you need just to not fall in without any poses is a challenge on its own! Luckily the water wasn’t choppy, it was shallow, and the bottom was sandy and not mushy(which I would have been totally grossed out). Our instructor, Kennedy Long, was a super sweet local instructor who was so great about walking us through what to do, what to expect and ease us into it. It was me and two other first timers there. Once we paddled out and anchored we went through some safe, on the board moves, which was hard to just keep that stable. Then she invited us to challenge ourselves and stand up without the majority of our bodies on the board. Whoah! That’s upping the sweat factor here. A normal lunge pose or twist on stable ground is tricky with your balance anyway, now you are adding the balance on the water and you are truly using your core to the fullest extent. She even had us try some headstands and other advanced moves, definitely fell in doing those, but that was ok since you are falling onto a soft board and into the water.

All in all it was a great experience, not cheap by the way, but I can imagine the cost for the boards and all adds up. So glad I tried it out and look forward to doing another one soon! (PS I’ve seen these offered at certain pools in some cities to).

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