Working around a bunch of techy people and in an organization that isn’t known to be the healthiest is very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay motivated. But you have to do it, you have to look past this and do what’s good for you, and while doing this you will see who is interested in also becoming healthier because they want a lifestyle change. I try to talk someone into eating healthier, going to work out, getting sleep or taking time off every day. This makes me feel better because I can use my knowledge on health and wellness for a good purpose outside of just for myself. Sometimes people are afraid to ask, but if you offer them the opportunity they may just become intrigued and want to try something new out. Push them in a good way, to start something that makes them feel good. Work will always be there; if you aren’t healthy you won’t be able to do your work or do the things you truly enjoy outside of work. Make your health a priority and if your job is the thing that is hurting your health the worst, look at switching jobs. Find something you are passionate about, where you fit in with the people you are working with because you all have similar interests, goals and aspirations. Even having a boss that doesn’t understand you or your lifestyle and the things that are important to you, can make your job the worst possible place to be day in and day out, which affects not only your well-being but those around you, including your family.

You spend more time at work than anywhere else, try to find a way to enjoy what you are doing and who you are working with and this could change your entire outlook on life. I mean just look at how happy people are when they switch jobs where they were originally unhappy, or how relaxed they are when they aren’t thinking about work and are on vacation because work is such a stressor. I have lived this and it affects me and my family. I’m trying to figure out what I am doing in the position I am in, how to I work towards finding a job that I’m more passionate about and use that to make a jump into my passion, which will in turn provide me the fulfillment I am looking for. Obviously this jump isn’t easy, as we all know once you put years in somewhere you get comfortable, getting out of your comfort zone, networking to make new contacts, finding a job that fits the work-life-balance you are looking for and making sure your paycheck supports your family is scary and will hold you back forever if you don’t make a change.

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