Enjoy your weekend getaways without hangovers to explore more and feel better when you return back to reality.

Set yourself up for success before you take that weekend getaway. I like to pack snacks to have with me on the plane as well as for the hotel room so I’m not always tempted to eat out or crave something because I’m starving. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy yourself and the local food when you are in a new city, that’s one of the best parts of traveling, but better planning will allow you to enjoy the food and drinks, but stick with your healthy lifestyle goals. We took a weekend trip to Nashville with our friends, with endless options of Bar-B-Que, bars and food trucks, you could definitely go overboard with indulgence in this city. Did I drink and eat some good food, heck yeah I did! Did I also work out, find ways to get some healthy eats into my body, explore the city, enjoy the sights and get some dancing in? Sure did. It’s all about balance these days. 10 years ago I would have been out until 3 am and waking up with a terrible hangover and run to any restaurant to eat the most greasy thing I could find. This time I got up on the first morning and used the hotel gym before we headed out for the day, walked around the city and hopped on some scooters to take in the fresh air and sights. Can’t say the same for the 2nd night, where I did indeed stay up until 3am and had late night pizza, but one out of two nights isn’t bad, right? The difference now is I’m drinking more water in between the alcoholic drinks, this helps stave off feeling sick or hungover as well as lets you enjoy yourself while you are out. I also tried to get my hands on some kombucha and healthy juice the morning after. Get some greens and veggies into your body as well as a ton of water the day after drinking to get yourself back on track. Now I didn’t work out on the travel day, but I’ll make sure I get some much-needed sleep that night to get right back into my routine for the week. Balance is key, don’t give up after feeling tired and run down from a fun weekend, the best thing for you is good eats and getting your blood pumping. This will get your immunity up and your metabolism revved to keep your body and mind on track when you roll back into work on Monday with a crazy week ahead of you.

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