1) Take time for yourself

Just 5, 10, or 30 minutes a day. Lock yourself in a room if you have to. Go for a walk by yourself. Just take that time to have some sanity and calmness with your own thoughts. Try out one of mindset exercises from my Mindset Hacks to give you some freedom from your busy mind. 

2) Sleep

Sleep will help you deal with all the people, places and things you will come across this week without losing it. Sleep will help you control your cravings..hello all the treats coming at us! Sleep will give you the energy you need to want to exercise or do something active.

3) Exercise

Exercise helps your body with stress, anxiety and depression. It boosts your mood, energizes you and gives you more confidence. All you need is 15-30 minutes of movement a day. Challenge yourself to do at least a 10 minute walk each day to give yourself some much needed self care and love to your body. Also doesn’t hurt that it burns off some of those calories you’ll be adding this week:)  Try some yoga for some amazing stress relief.

4) Show gratitude

The holidays are a time of being thankful, spending time with loved ones, appreciating our life. Find one thing to be grateful for each day. Write it down. Tell someone about it. Remember it. Gratitude helps us shift our minds to happiness and appreciation instead of sadness and negativity. 

5) Laugh

Belly Laugh. Laugh with your kids. Your family. Your friends. We’re so serious these days with everything going on in our busy minds that we forget to enjoy ourselves and just laugh and let loose. Find the people that make you laugh. Make you happy. Make you forget about the stress in your life. Let loose and laugh this week. Put down your phone. Shut your computer. Turn off the TV. Be present. Enjoy your company. LOOK at the them. Laugh with them. I promise you this will fill you with so much more joy than that FB post you were scrolling through.

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