With New Year’s coming this week, let’s face it, there will be A LOT of alcohol. I mean, it’s just a given. 

What doesn’t have to come with it? A hangover! Try these tips New Year’s Eve and the next day and avoid being laid up on the coach on New Year’s Day with a trash can and ginger ale by your side:) 

Water: Drink all day long. Drink a glass between each alcoholic drink. Drink a glass before bed. Drink a glass when you wake up the next morning.

Kombucha: Drink some before you start drinking alcohol, keep some in your fridge and drink when you get home that night and as soon as you wake up New Year’s Day. The gingerade kombucha by GT Kombucha is awesome for your stomach. You can find this at any grocery store.

Eat: Sometimes in our party mode we’re so excited that we forget to eat. Find the veggies and dip, a hamburger, salad, fruit. Something with substance and not just fried and sugary foods that will aid in the hangover.

Drink Slow and Limit Yourself: Try to slow down the rate at which you are drinking your alcoholic drinks and try and limit the number. Drinking fast doesn’t allow you to feel the effects of each drink before you are ordering a new one. Order, sip and savor, drink your water then if you feel ok, ask for another. If you don’t follow this, before you know it your 6 glasses deep and can’t stand anymore. That’s harder to come back from.

Sleep: Get sleep the night before and the night of New Year’s if possible. Not getting sleep will really have an effect on the alcohol on your mind and body. Try and get some sleep and help your body prep for the night ahead. Once you kiss your sweetie and cheers to the New Year? Go to bed! I mean it’s fun to do some more partying, but try not to stay out until the sun comes up, you’ll only make your situation worse the day after and most likely the rest of the week:)

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