You can make food recipes all day long, but there’s more to weight loss than just food. I’m here to give you the recipe that will help you reach your weight loss goals and become more confident in your mind and body!

Ingredients Needed

1) Mindset – Having a growth mindset will allow you to overcome limitations, change your habits, create lasting change. Change your thoughts to change your life.

2) Support – Having a support system that’s a positive influence on your goals is key. Surround yourself with motivated friends, co-workers or get yourself a coach to hold you accountable and who truly have your best health interests in mind.

3) Patience – Take your time with your goals and work towards something day by day. We like to go straight for the end goal and forget what it takes to get there, then when we don’t meet our goals in record time, we give up. Weight loss takes patience, time and effort. This is also key to making your weight loss stick. Slow and steady.

4) Habits – Change one of your unhealthy habits each week. If you know there’s something you should be changing because it’s not doing you any good with your weight loss goals, change it. Don’t go making 10 changes each week, that just ends in giving up. Change 1 thing each week, then build on each one week to week to help you hit your goals.

5) Set Realistic and Specific Goals – Be specific about your goal. Weight loss is a general goal. What is a realistic and specific goal to get you there? Break down your end goal into more manageable and detailed goals to help you reach your end goal. Maybe it’s drinking more water, moving 30 minutes a day, sleeping  hours a night. Start there and build.

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