Who else feels like this? 

This was me. Day 1 of the quarantine. I thought I’d have everything on a schedule. Kids doing schoolwork at home. Me, getting some work done and a workout in.

And I did, some of that. But then I tried to manage it all. The kids wanted to do like 10 mins of schoolwork out of the 8 hour day. TV, Nintendo switch, and tablets conquered my home.

I felt depleted. But if I wasn’t sitting with them to do their work, they were calling for me. So I sat with them in between calls. 

Then I kept thinking I should be working. Then I got stressed. Then I started eating. I literally kept eating. Like, I was full, but kept going.

Why do our brains work this way? Why do we turn to food in stressful times? 

It’s a coping mechanism. It’s comfort. It’s easier than dealing with what’s going on. That’s why.

So I could have let that completely demolish my dreams of using this time at home to catch up things, being present with the kids, and not be as stressed, or I could let it overtake everything and I give up.

I wasn’t giving up. We got out for a bike ride later that day. At least I was biking off the bag of chips and chocolate I just had. I knew I didn’t want to feel that way another day.

So the next day I tried harder. I was more aware. I was more mindful. 

It was better, not great but better.

Then, I realized I needed to get up way earlier right now and get majority of my stuff done before the kids got up. Take back my mornings to have quiet time, workout, meditate, and actually get some work done.

So I moved up my alarm. Holy crap! Guys, it’s a game changer. Taking your mornings back can make you so much more productive. Give you a sense of accomplishment. And just make you feel better overall.

I’m telling you this to try it. Try turn the TV off a bit earlier. Stop scrolling a bit earlier. And just go to bed.

Then set your alarm a bit earlier. Get up and start your day earlier. Take your mornings back for a better day and to just be freakin happier.

I started by setting the alarm for 5am. Then I meditate, maybe journal, exercise and then start working.

Start today and make this new habit a part of your life. Start seeing the changes in your health. Start seeing the changes to your mind. 

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