After having kids my abs were shot, to the point of low back problems every time I was lifting a child or a laundry basket. My chiropractor recommended I start doing pilates to strengthen my core. As a working mom, going to a pilates class was out of the question and I’m pretty disciplined about working out at home before work and before the kids get up so finding videos is a good option. While searching YouTube, I came across the Blogilates channel with Cassey Ho. I liked her enthusiasm and I was actually sore after the workouts. I kept with it, which by this time I usually get bored and move on to something else. Not with PoP Pilates. She has so many videos out there for every part of the body, you can mix and match on your own or follow her calendars that she sends out every month to pair them together. POP Pilates is referred to as a dance on the mat, which makes it a bit different than regular Pilates where you follow more along with your breathe rather than music. A few years went by where I was doing these workouts religiously, I’m talking full workouts on certain days of the week or adding on an ab or arm sequence after a run. My body changed, I felt confident and strong, and this was all using my body weight! I couldn’t believe it. My abs had never been so strong, I could never do a boat pose or teaser without collapsing prior to sticking with this.

After recommending POP Pilates to so many people, and realizing there weren’t any instructors or classes in my area, I figured what the heck, I should become an instructor and teach what I love. So, I got certified last year as an official POP Pilates Instructor.

Staying in the Pilates family, but adding a little cardio twist is PIIT 28, which stands for Pilates Intense Interval Training, the 28 is the short time it takes to do this workout. This unique class offers students the benefits of Pilates and High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) in a 28 minute timeframe. This is another exceptional exercise format that Cassey Ho teaches that I began incorporating into my routine. Again, working mom here, something I can do at home and under 30 minutes? Sold! PIIT blends Pilates and HIIT principles to create a variable-intensity interval training (VIIT). This hybrid program incorporates the best of HIIT while simultaneously minimizing some of the concerns associated with HIIT. In PIIT28, few successive intervals of high-intensity work are coupled with shorter recoveries, followed by a sequence of purposeful lower-intensity strength based intervals to enable active recovery. You will sweat, you will tone, you will burn, it’s amazing. I saw huge changes in my body compared to when I was just running or doing other forms of exercise.
 The workout consists of a 2 minute warm up; 6 focused moves at 45 seconds each, with 15 seconds rest in between, repeating this 4 times; ending with a core burnout, then finish it all off with a cool down. Classes are broken up by Amazing Arms & Abs by PIIT28, Ultimate Booty Life by PIIT28, Fat Burn Machine by PIIT28 and Abs of Envy by PIIT 28. They just opened up the certification to be a PIIT 28 instructor and I am the first in Maryland to be certified in this format! What’s not to love about a total body workout in under 30 minutes that you can literally do anywhere.

I haven’t actively been teaching yet with everything else I have going on, but stay tuned as I’m about to start teaching virtual and in-person classes in the near future. Make sure you are following me on social media and be sure to sign up to be on my email list to be the first to know!

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  1. Angela B Horn
    Angela B Horn says:

    How long are the POP Pilates workouts? Are they full body or targeted like the PIIT 28? I currently do an under 30 min video class in the mornings as well and while I enjoy it, I could use a little change in routine. Do you find that it is better to do targeted or whole body workouts? I can seriously relate to the abs murdered by pregnancy. I used to sneeze and feel an ab strengthen. Now I can do 100 crunches and they still feel like jello.

    • Megan Corey
      Megan Corey says:

      A full length POP Pilates workout is about 55 minutes long. The full length are full body workouts, however there are videos you can find at Blogilates on You Tube where she does targeted and total body options. If you are in a time crunch, full body is the way to go, but if you are able to complete a few workouts each week, it’s a good idea to do targeted body workouts to really help you get toned and tire out those specific areas. You can follow a plan where you do certain body parts each week or find a few to do after a cardio session where they may only be 5-10 minutes. Once I start streaming my classes I will let you know so they will be available virtually, until then check out and sign up for her monthly calendar of workouts already planned out for you. They are free on you tube and you can mix and match!

  2. Brie
    Brie says:

    I just found Blogilates on YouTube and did a work out and loved it! I also did one Piit28 workout and loved it. I’m a mom of two with not a lot of time. I am trying to tone up. Is there a huge difference between doing POP Pilates or Piit28 to see great toned results?


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