My friend and I planned to do a 3 day juice cleanse after we got back from Nashville. Knowing we were going to be indulging ourselves in drinks and food, it only made sense to prep ourselves to recover once we got home. To get home and not have to think about meal prepping or making lunches and snacks for the next day filled me with happiness. I had the juices already delivered the week before and they were frozen,  all I needed to defrost the set overnight each night. I had done this one before so was familiar with how it went and how easy it was.

The bottles are numbered and packed in bunches of 6 for each day. Now, if you’ve never done one of these before or you normally eat a lot of processed foods and sugars, you may not feel good at first. I think with my lack of sleep from the weekend I felt more lousy than usual, not even hungry but lethargic. The first day was nice because I drank all of my juices and you are also able to have cooked spinach with egg whites for dinner if you choose, as well as raw green veggies during the day. I also had a cup of green tea and a cup of coffee because I knew I wouldn’t make it through the day if I didn’t(these are allowed to by the way). I went to bed early the first night of the cleanse because I was so tired, but didn’t sleep amazingly. 2nd day the no sleep was definitely affecting me along with no food. I was pretty much just staring at people at work and nodding my head. By the end of that day I started feeling a little more energized and even went to a hot yoga class that night. I finally got decent sleep on the 2nd night and felt so much better on the third day. Feeling refreshed, no bloat, and I don’t have cravings for sweets or salty foods. Now 3 days might be a lot for beginners, so they have a 1 day cleanse which would be a great thing to do if you are coming off of an indulgent weekend to get your body reset and to keep your gut happy. Some other benefits of a cleanse are to figure out what types of foods or drinks could be affecting your weight, skin, digestion, causing inflammation, etc. when you start eliminating certain foods from your diet you may see some improvements in these areas and as well as feel better in your body. On the 3rd day I feel even better, but definitely had some craving for warm food. The afternoon was a bit of a struggle and the smells of a delicious warm dinner that my family was having compared to my cooked spinach and dinner juice I was having was enough to send anyone into a feeding frenzy, but I was sticking to my guns and with my competitive nature I pushed through. After “dinner” , I put this in quotes since it was a juice and some spinach, I was surprisingly content with what I had and again, didn’t have those after dinner cravings for chocolate or sweets that I normally do. Getting ready for bed I was proud of myself for completing this the 2nd time around.

If the day after the 3 day cleanse doesn’t make you want to do this, I don’t know what does! I felt so energized, light and motivated to work out and get on with my day. I went back to my normal coffee and oat milk latte in the morning, kombucha and my veggies and hummus, but I was not starving for food like I thought I would be. Make sure you ease back into things and keep up with the raw veggies and include some soup or something light so your body adapts back to normal food.

For those that are interested it’s the JUS by Julie 3 Day Cleanse

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