We stayed about 20 minutes outside of Sonoma, CA on our recent Northern California weekend trip. After doing San Francisco for a night, we did Petaluma the next night. It’s a cute town with boutique shops, restaurants and cafes. I saw two fitness studios that caught my eye, both looked awesome and would be something new to try from my normal routine. I chose BodyROK because they had the earlier class and I was intrigued by using a reformer and get my workout on in under 40 minutes. This way I could go to the 7:40 class and be back to the hotel before my kids were out of pj’s and ready for breakfast. I signed up on the MindBody App and was able to get a discounted first-time student deal. 

I arrived at the studio early to get my bearings, not be rushed, sign in and figure out what I was getting myself into before class started. It’s a bright studio with the BodyROK specific reformers set up in a line in front of the mirrors. The class size is small which is great to get assistance from the instructor when needed.  The instructor that morning was Jackie J.. Her and the other girl at the front desk were super welcoming and friendly when I arrived. Once I put my stuff in the cubby, Jackie offered to quickly go through the machine with me as well as provided details of which area is front and back of machine so could follow thee cues during class. Once the students all arrived everyone sat on their reformer and class began. The music was loud and upbeat, but you could hear Jackie very clear through her mic. She was able to provide a quick example before each set so you could follow along easily. I was pretty much watching her and the other students since they were regulars and I was a newbie to this. What I also appreciated were her cues into the next set with a countdown of 5 to allow you to prepare and not be behind when doing a new move. She provided options as well from level 1 to 4, 1 being a beginner and 4 if you’re an expert, if you so chose to push yourself to the extreme. Being the overachiever that I am, I was trying to do the level 4 stuff until I would tap out and back down to level 1. 

If this class looks easy to someone because you aren’t sprinting, or breathing heavy, don’t let that fool you. Holy hell were these movements burning. Most were tiny lunges, squats, curls, etc using just the reformer, but because you are trying to be stable on the moving platform and stay balance, your muscles are working that much harder. There were times I thought my legs weren’t going to make it and I needed to drop down, and sometimes I had to, but Jackie was great at providing motivation and telling you to push through it, but also offering you to drop to a lower level or take a sec to bring life back to that body part you were working. You are sweating and trying to breathe and trying to stay calm to a count to 4 during each move to get the most out of it. Definitely a struggle when you don’t have the strength, but again I could always tap out for a few counts and come right back into it. Let me tell you, this wasn’t f*ckin easy! This is coming from someone who works out heavily practically every day, so pushing myself is always exciting, and I could feel my muscles getting stronger. Not gonna lie, definitely had thoughts of putting on some booty shorts after all of the lunges and squats because why the heck wouldn’t I want to show off that progress?! 

All in all, this class was super intense and such a great full body toning workout in a short amount of time. Jackie gave me props on my strength after class was over and I felt a sense of pride. Proud of myself for being a strong, working mother, in her late 30’s who is doing something for herself and her body and who puts in the work to be a strong role model for her kids, for other working mothers, and for anyone who thinks they can’t get to that point in their life or who doesn’t see their health as a priority. I was super tired that night and slept hard. When I woke up the next day I was definitely sore, not in a bad way, but in a yeah I killed it yesterday in that workout and my muscles are toned kind of way. I don’t get sore very often because I work out so often, so it’s nice to change things up for your body once in awhile to see those changes you are looking for.

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