With temptation all around you, the sun beating down on you to draw you towards the beach and wanting to just park yourself there for the day with a drink. Yes, that is what you think of when you are on a vacation. Well, the lying in the sun with a drink is obviously without kids because anyone with kids knows there is no lying around on the beach; they put your ass to work in the ocean and on those sand castles! As tempting as it is to get out early on the beach; take the time to catch up on some much needed sleep, use the exercise facilities at the hotel, take advantage of the beautiful beach to walk or run on and figure out how to decipher the menus at the restaurants to keep yourself from going overboard, but still enjoying the local fare wherever you go.

I was blown away by the gym facilities at our resort in Jamaica. Tons of options for exercise equipment in a modern and very expansive two story gym. They offered exercise classes if you chose to do this instead of hoofing it on your own. We managed to get to the gym 2 mornings we were there before we started the rest of our day. Not only does exercising while traveling make you feel better for that entire day, but it helps you sleep better and adjust to the area you are in. You tend to make better nutritional choices during the day and it helps offset the additional calories you might consume while drinking as well.

Being on an island you think of fruit, right? I could have eaten fruit at every meal, being it was hot and fruit is so refreshing. We stayed at an all inclusive resort, my first time doing this. I can’t say I was completely impressed with the food choices around the resort and the options for a healthy meal. This didn’t stop me from trying though. Luckily I had the snacks I brought from home to make sure I wasn’t famished before I went looking for food. Lots of jerk chicken, which is amazing and a great choice for something healthy and tasty. Also I tried to eat salads or get veggies where I could as well. It was tough to try not to snack on the nachos from the nacho bar they put out every day by the pool. I would have loved to see a fruit or veggie bar in place of this, but made sure I didn’t overdo it and balanced it out with some healthier options later on, drank tons of water and was selective, but enjoyed my lunches and dinners.

So, unless you are going to a targeted wellness resort that caters to healthy eats as the only available option to you, it is a challenge that requires some thought and planning on your part to seek and find the good for you eating options. My best advice is to have healthy snacks on hand so you don’t find yourself starving and eating the first thing in sight, as well as try to fill up on some veggies and fruit so you are still able to try the local fare, but will be less likely to overdo it and still feel fab in your bikini!

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  1. Kate Dively
    Kate Dively says:

    Great ideas! I always try to exercise on vacation, even if it’s not my full length routine. Having healthy snacks is a great idea too… I love roasted edamame. I try and pack protein bars (ones with 3 net carbs or less and low sugar, Kirkland is my favorite brand right now!). Mutigrain rice cakes are a good one too. They are not calorie dense so you can eat like 3 or 4 and not be full! Keep up the good tips & inspiration!


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