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Y7 Yoga – WeFlowHard Class

My husband and I and some of our friends were planning a weekend in NYC, I was going up a day early to attend a Supergirls NYC launch event and figured if I had a full day the next day to myself before anyone got there, I wanted to try out fitness classes where the […]

Fitness Class Tryouts

Falling in line with me loving to try new things, I’ve always been drawn to new fitness classes and workouts. Being active all my life, I get a high off working out, I go into beast mode and get my outlet for the “me time” I get for that hour each day. I don’t have […]

Travel Like A Boss…. to Nashville!

Enjoy your weekend getaways without hangovers to explore more and feel better when you return back to reality. Set yourself up for success before you take that weekend getaway. I like to pack snacks to have with me on the plane as well as for the hotel room so I’m not always tempted to eat […]

Non-Dairy Pumpkin Spice Koffee Latte

I heard about this non-coffee, coffee replacement with adaptogens. Learning more about adaptogens and the benefits they provide to your body: they help the body adapt to the toxic levels of stress, support and nourish your adrenals, manage your hormonal response to stress(hello pms), I then found out about this coffee replacement on The Highest […]